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Tellus Cooperative
5 min readSep 12, 2021


by Alexander B. Koh

When I decided to start Tellus Cooperative, I had a fundamental idea in mind. How can we utilize the latest ideas for decentralization and cryptography in our economy? Blockchain technology presents a methodology based on cooperation from the core. Where each node, each participant, has a say in how transactions are distributed. The system needs trusted members to reach a consensus. And trust is earned by participating and growing within the ecosystem. Much as fiat, cryptocurrency proliferates out of its existence. Debt holds fiat in perpetual balance, and work becomes a leverage system to reach higher amounts of debt. With cryptocurrencies, there is no need for a back and forth between loans and repayments. Smart contracts can power multiple complex operations similar or equal in-depth as the ones done by hedge fund stakeholders and seasoned traders. With Smart Contracts, we can make the rules that will dictate the behavior of an asset in the future. We can implement contracts with the power to incentivize participation and redistributing resources as a reward. It may seem idealogical, and the core of these ideas are, yet attempting to create models for sustainable resource distribution is necessary to advance our society’s collective wellbeing.

Cryptocurrency investing and holding has been the entryway for a brand new economic system living on the sidelines of capitalism. Crypto markets are helping us to reshape and redefine the concepts behind our most essential needs. As these ecosystems grow, new mechanisms for asset valuation are born. Yet, notions such as staking, yield farming, flash loans, and Defi seem foreign to many traditional retail investors around the globe. Only a few knowledgeable people, already involved in the ‘crypto movement,’ can take full advantage of the opportunities presented by Defi. Like many other technologies, experience and training are an unspoken requirement to join these new markets. Also, local policies and governmental definitions regarding these assets play a huge role in accessing these alternative economic systems.

But wait, what is Tellus?

Tellus Cooperative wants to create a self-sustaining model for participation and action where safety nets and democratic power are the protocol’s foundation. We want to use a dual-token economy to achieve this. Stable coins are virtual representations of one’s country’s currency or assets pegged 1:1 to other stable tokens. In the Stellar network, people can exchange anchored assets to any other available token, opening the door to many developing countries to invest and save in Stellar. — Wanna find out more about Stellar and Anchors? Check this out!

We will implement a cooperation-based saving system for retail consumers in merchant services, small businesses, and workers using these on-off rails bridges. We aim for this project to behave similarly to a mutual fund or pension plan. There will be different ways to participate and cooperate within the network, yet rewards and interoperability incentivize users. Anchored assets are a great way to get in and out of the cryptocurrency space. On the other hand, our token will evaluate these anchored assets’ volume and market fluctuation to monetize participation and growth and have people stay in the space.

What’s next?

Tellus is happy to announce its application to the Stellar Community Fund. — More info here! Our main goal from this experience is to make our project available for discussion for interested parties and start building within the community.

We have many exciting developments coming by the end of the year. These past months, we have focused our efforts on expanding our local network in Chile and the United States, regularizing our company for smooth financial operations in South America. We are looking for developers and merchant services providers aspiring to have a positive impact on their communities. Tellus aims to gear these developments towards institutions embracing sustainability and civic engagement while serving as a guide to help them reach this vision. Our model will implement blockchain technology and machine learning to well-known local mobile and web-based applications providing existing services. This way, we will reach out to existing local producers, consumers, and workers, facilitating their incorporation into the Stellar ecosystem. At the same time, we are exploring different avenues to develop products ready for the end-user to interact with our platform.

In 2022, we will redirect our focus depending on community engagement, network needs, and financial support. We want to make our users a fundamental part of our modus operandi. Hence, we will utilize historical data gathered from our partners to create projections on how our model would behave in an actual country’s economy. One of the biggest stepping stones for our project will be launching our tokenomics white paper. Here, we will explain the resulting evidence from our economic model and how we will apply it in our utility token. For us, it is imperative to launch a token that holds real value, not only by speculation but defined by real-world parameters that influence its utility and governance. Tellus is compromised to meet the expectations and values that make our cooperative different from other companies. Tellus believes that we hold much more power when we cooperate and have each other’s backs. We want to apply these beliefs to Defi and everyday transactions.

Tellus is eager to push the boundaries that limit people’s access to investments in the Defi space. We want to bring a wave of new users without risking their financial stability and livelihood. Not everyone can purchase cryptocurrencies in their countries. Or maybe they don’t have enough “disposable income” to risk buying into unknown technologies. Our model will reward users for just participating as regular consumers of their favorite local applications. Yet, we intend also to develop new avenues for retail investments geared solely towards sustainable practices, small business conglomerates, and worker collectives.

The team at Tellus, Tellus Core, has been working behind the scenes for quite some time. The blockchain ecosystem is ever-changing, but with the incorporation of Turing Complete Signing Servers in the Stellar and our efforts to move legislation forward in Chile, we are certain that cooperation and growth are to come.

Be Cooperative, folks. Cheers.